Aluminium type- and machine signs from Marahrens

Type plates, machine identification plates, rating plates or barcode labels made of aluminium in sub-anodized printing are characterized by their particular durability and resistance to solvents, oils, greases, acids and alkalis, fuels, mechanical and thermal loads, since the colour is not on the aluminium support, but under one clear anodized layer in the pores of the aluminium.
Our aluminium type plates are therefore particularly suitable for machine and component identification in the automotive industry, shipping, plant construction, medical, laboratory and warehouse technology. Long-term identification of the printed serial numbers, performance features, construction types and barcodes and your company logo are thus guaranteed.
By using digital printing, we can manufacture your signs in the highest photo-realistic quality.
Furthermore, printing from data you provide us gives you the option to design your signs freely. Changing barcodes, consecutive serial numbers or type designations are also possible.
Choose one of the materials below and calculate your individual signs! There is also the possibility to send us your data via an upload function!

Price calculator for printed sub-anodized aluminium

The signs in our configurator are rectangular or square. Of course, we can also produce special shapes! Talk to us about it!

Here is an example of the use of our sub-anodized signs under extreme conditions:

Component labelling with changing bar codes, which must go through the following process up to eight times a day without the quality of the bar code deteriorating:

  1. Heat to 130 ° C
  2. Cool to 30 ° C
  3. Six-stage washing process (alkaline, pH 10, temperature: 65 ° C, spray pressure 4-6 bar)
  4. Cool to 30 ° C
  5. Heat to 190 ° C
  6. Cool to 30 ° C
  7. Oil immersion (corrosion protection oil, temperature 65 ° C)
  8. Cool to 30 ° C
  9. Washing process as in 3., but only in one step

Our sub-anodized barcode labels survived these processes without any problems.

Name badges made of aluminium with digital sub-anodized printing

Of course, in digital sub-anodized printing, we are not limited to nameplates.
We digitally manufacture the name signs or badges for your employees. There are hardly any limits to the design options.
Thanks to digital printing, we can print your name badges with a logo and changing names in multiple colours in one go according to your specifications. The aluminium gives your name badge an elegant look and feel, suitable for your company.
Present your company with our high-quality aluminium name badges at trade fairs, seminars or events.


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Our offer applies only to industry, business, trade and self-employed persons.
From a manufacturing point of view, stress cracks in the material surface cannot be avoided.
Prices are contingent on usable print data being supplied in compliance with our specifications.
The minimum order quantity is 10 pieces.
All prices quoted are net prices.


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